კომანდო 2 / Коммандо 2

Коммандо 2
15 მაი 2017
კომანდო 2 / Коммандо 2
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  • გახმოვანება:
  • ჟანრი:
  • რეჟისორი:
    Deven Bozhani
  • როლებში:
    Vidьюt mosque, Ada Sharma, Эsha Gupta, Freddi Darwish, Kanna Arunachalam, Vansh Bhardvaй, Jimena Chaudhari, Summit Gulati, Adilь Hussэйn, Satish Kaushik
  • The protagonist of this film is a well-trained young man who uses his skills and abilities for the good of the people. He is fluent in several martial arts at once, and the fate of a number of complex investigations depends on his physical and mental tone. This time, the protagonist will deal with the suppression of crimes committed in the banking sector. A well-trained fighter will have to challenge a whole bunch of black bankers who illegally transfer money to offshore. Will he be able to cope with such a difficult task?ფილმები

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