ნულოვანი 3 / nulovani 3

Зеро 3
29 ივლისი 2017
ნულოვანი 3 / nulovani 3
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    Andrius Bialobrzeskis, Raymunas Tsitsenas, Arvydas Dapsis, Gitis Ivanaskas, Edmundas Jakilaitis, Kestutis Jaktasas, Inga Jankauskaitė, Hugo Armando Caicedo Marles, Mindaugas Papigigis, Ramunas Rudokas
  • როლებში:
    Emilis Velivis
  • The authors of the film "Zero 3" offer their viewers to plunge into the history, telling about bribes and corruption schemes in the highest echelons of the political arena of Lithuania. We will be able to look where ordinary third-party observers have not yet looked to see the incredible level of greed of politicians ready for anything, just not to publicize their machinations with large amounts of money.

    And the story begins with the prosecutor, involved in another scandal, related to the production and distribution of narcotic substances. The prosecutor is in a difficult situation. To get out of the water and force their offenders to suffer punishment, she announces a closed auction. It will be exhibited secret materials, which contain direct evidence of the facts of corruption of the political elite. This is learned not only by the authorities, but also by the leader of the opposition, who, for the sake of obtaining materials, is even ready to take an unbearable credit. And at this time, the political elite is thinking about how to change the situation in their favor.ფილმები

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