პირველი მკვლელობა / pirveli mkvleloba

Первое убийство
29 ივლისი 2017
პირველი მკვლელობა / pirveli mkvleloba
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    Брюс Уиллис, Хейден Кристенсен, Гетин Энтони, Маги Авила, Шарлотта Кирк, Уильям ДеМео, Тамара Белоус, Хезер Йохансен, Тайлер Джон Олсон, Chelsea Mee
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    Стивен С. Миллер
  • At the very beginning of watching the movie "The First Murder", we get acquainted with the successful financier Will, who decides that it's time to relax a little and spend time with the family. He wants to relax from work and enjoy the picturesque nature in a house near the forest. It was in these places that he spent his best years. And now he wants to hunt here with his own son Danny.

    Once on the spot, they plunge into the carefree and silence of the pristine nature. However, being in the forest, they become occasional witnesses of the fights of the criminals, who, it seems to them, have robbed the local bank and are now trying to divide the stolen money. Soon they are noticed. Will has to commit his first murder of a living person to save his life and his son. The second offender is injured. Will decides to save his life and brings him to his house. But instead of gratitude, the unknown takes his son hostage and threatens with reprisals. Now Will has to become an unwitting participant in a risky game, where his son's life is at stake.ფილმები

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