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რჩეულები siyvarulis temperatura / სიყვარულის ტემპერატურა

siyvarulis temperatura / სიყვარულის ტემპერატურა2017
siyvarulis temperatura / სიყვარულის ტემპერატურა
Температура любви
წელი, ქვეყანა:
Nam Gon
Co-hyun-gin, Yang Se-joon, Kim Jae-yuk, Cho Bo-a, Pio, Chon Eri, Sonu Jae-dock, Lee Mi-suk, An Neh-san, Kiel Eun-he
In the drama depict complex love relationships of modern young people who fight with loneliness and other emotional trauma.
The story begins with the fact that the heroine, who dreams of becoming a writer of Doramas and should soon be married, is registered in a culinary Internet forum and gets to know a person under her name "Delicious soup". Later they meet in real life.
Dorama shows how relations develop in the age of the Internet, where in large numbers there are prejudices and misunderstandings due to communication through the screen, when it is not known who is hiding under a nickname and what this person really is
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